We are still delivering and taking orders! I figured that if I can do my work safely and following the WHO recommendation I should continue doing so and maybe I will bring a little spark of joy for you on the other side. Stay safe, we are in this together ❤


Our mission 

Our mission with Freya’s Embroideries is to empower human beings: to encourage them to love and embrace who they are. 
We believe that each person who wears a piece of clothing made by the brand should be able to see their own authenticity & individuality, or the simple power of being unique by taking inspiration of the art of hand embroidery, where every single piece is one of a kind.

Why clothes? Because we truly believe that clothes can communicate to others who we are & what are our values. Clothes provide a major opportunity to express ourselves to the world, to share aspects of our personality. Commitment with honesty about who we are boosts our confidence and leads to a way of self-love.

By wearing what makes your heart happy, ultimately you are inspiring others around you to follow your lead and take a step into self-love, to empower themselves and embrace their own authenticity. Embroidery by embroidery, we are doing it while gently reminding ourselves of that.

Meet Nathalia

 Meet Nathalia 

The founder of Freya’s Embroideries is graduated in Public Relations and comes from a Communication background. After moving to London in 2015 she decided to change her career, to do something meaningful to the world. She has worked in coffee shops and retail stores when got inspired by a video where a young girl furiously racket about sexism and the lack of inspirational t-shirts especially for women. Suddenly everything clicked and she decided to adventure herself learning embroidery techniques and creating a slow fashion brand. Her dreams of changing the world are still alive and she intends to pursue them embroidery by embroidery.