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The T-shirt of each Zodiac Sign

Tomorrow on the 20th of March, we celebrate the Spring Equinox, a date that marks the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere (autumn in the south) and the start of the Astrological New Year for every one of us. You may not know but I am an astrology student since 2017, in spite of having read many birth charts for all of my friends and occasional customers, I consider myself a student since there is so much to learn. Astrology is for sure one of my favourites topics in life and I am happy to share a little bit more of this subject with you.

I have attributed a t-shirt for each Zodiac sign, based on their characteristics and peculiarities. I explained a little bit about each sign and why I have chosen that specific tee. Of course, Astrology is much more than only a person’s sign (or sun sign as we say), that is why you will probably identify yourself with other signs, depending on how much influence you are receiving from it. If you know your rising & moon sign you can read about them too ☀️🌙

Let’s start with Aries, the first sign of the zodiac and the one who marks the beginning of the Astrological New Year. Being the first, Aries, you are related to pioneerism and the start of new things. You are courageous and impulsive, usually like sports and movement, you are full of vitality and enthusiasm for life. That is why I chose the fearless t-shirt to represent you that are not afraid to go for your dreams and are courageous and self-motivated to make things happen.

Taurus, you are popularly famous for being lazy & hungry, which I think is very unfair my dear Taurus. You are kind, sweet and very patient. You are also persistent, determined and very practical. You like to enjoy the simple things in life like a good meal, a relaxing bath and being in contact with Nature. I chose the be kind t-shirt for you because I know you are sweet and simple, a chic minimalist.

Gemini, you are the communicator of the zodiac. You are plural and enjoy having a busy social life, surrounded by many friends and/or family. You connect with people easily and are normally the first one to know everything, that is why I chose the stronger together tee for you, so your message of being connected and plural is always there.

My sweet Cancer, as the ruler of your sign is the Moon, you are sensible, delicate and have strong feminine energy. Possessing a motherhood spirit, you are protective and caring, family & home are essentials for you. With a soft energy, you have traits of imagination and sensitivity, that is why I chose the romantic follow your dreams t-shirt embroidered in a lovely peach colour to represent you.

Leo, you are the queen of the zodiac. You are expansive, creative, funny and have strong senses of leadership. You are confident and generally the star of the group, you like to have people’s attention. You have a warm and large heart, and as a fire sign, enthusiasm and courage. This your t-shirt is Have courage, because is not only a characteristic of yours, but it is something that you like to say and to inspire others.

Virgo, the practical and perfectionist sign. You are very observer and focused, goal-oriented. You like information and communication, but in a clear and practical way, you prefer writing rather than oral speaking. You have strong analytical skills and is easy for you to choose and prioritize. Your t-shirt is Imperfectly perfect, because I know that is your goal in life, perfection. I just want to remind you how amazing you are just the way you are.

Libra, your time has arrived. You, that is fair and is always trying to build relationship and find balance in life. Your sign is like a mirror, your shine reflects and lightens the other half that completes the whole. You are charming, beautiful and gracious. Because I am myself a Libra and I know how difficult it is to choose, I am breaking the rules here and choosing two options: the Amour and the Love t-shirts, they both have the same meaning of love & being loved and I am positive you will be happy with any of those.

Amour T-shirt

Scorpio, I haven’t forgotten you. You are mysterious, intense and attractive. You are not afraid of changes, you have willpower and go deep in whatever you are doing in life. You are emotional and psychologically strong and also very passionate. Your most beautiful talent is the transformation, that is why your tee is the be the change.

Sagittarius, are you still with me?  I hope I’ve caught your attention and awakened your desire to learn. I know you are thirst for knowledge, so here it goes: you are energetic, optimist, explorer and adventurous.  You are honest and sincere, you like to travel and are open to new possibilities and discoveries, your tee is the Adventurous and it couldn’t be more appropriate for you, right?

My dear Capricorn, I promise to be direct with you. You are practical, efficient, responsible and persistent. You like structure and stability, you are good at management since are very organized and disciplined. You are classy & conservative in style so your t-shirt is inspired by the old Latin saying carpe diem or enjoy today.

My fellow Aquarius, you are visionary, curious, independent and authentic. You are very friendly and yet detached. You appreciate freedom and equality, as well as technology and new discoveries. A modern soul like you don’t like to be told what to think or what to do, you prefer to have your own opinions and navigate freely through life, so the perfect tee for you is the free spirit, right?

My lovely Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. You are idealistic, dreamer and spiritually connected. You wander between the sea and the sky and are very calm, compassionate and kind. You appreciate any type of art form and are always wondering how the world could be a better place. I chose the imagine t-shirt to you, one that has rainbow embroidery and is inspired by The Beatles song, I am certain you are familiar with that, aren’t you?

And that is a wrap! Did you recognize yourself or friends/family members in the description of each sign? Comment here for me to let know! And if you enjoyed this kind of content please do let me know so I can share more astrology topics with you.

Hope the Astrological New Year brings many blesses to us all!  Please feel free to share this post with your friends and familiars and let’s have a bit of fun in this difficult time!

Ps: All of those t-shirts are available to purchase right here

Lots of love,



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