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Summer Collection 2019

Our summer collection is live! A brand new collection of eight t-shirts featuring new slogans, thread colors and even an embroidery stitch. They are great to keep you fresh in the hottest season, since they are made of 100% Ring Spun Cotton, a natural fiber that allows your body to breathe. Showcasing inspirational, feminist and positive phrases, the mission of those tees is to help you feel great wherever you are. Handmade and hand embroidered with love as always.

During the past 8 days I have revealed on my Instagram the inspiration that led me to create each one of those t-shirts, sharing the meaning behind every slogan and color of the embroidery. Now that they are out in the world I would like to share the creative process with you, or my journey through them all.

Let's begin with a theme that is very close to my heart, fear:


Fearless. I have talked about that a million times on my social media, I used to be so scared of life, of hurting people, of failing... ultimately of being who I am. I wasn’t living life, I was just surviving, doing everything on the automatic mode. Well, one day everything fell apart. Pretending that everything was all right was not enough anymore. I had to put together all the small pieces of myself and build a new version. One that is courageous enough to stand for what I believe and to live without fear. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that fear doesn’t exist anymore, I simply learned to let courage come in the first place. It is not easy, I’m still on the process, but at least now I know that fear can’t command me anymore.

Which lead us to the next tee:

Be brave. The one that remind us to be courageous, strong, face the problems, get things done! YAAAS! If the fear knocks on your door, you incorporate Arya (#gotfeelings) and say: “not today my friend”.

Hand embroidered in bright orange / copper, the colour of courage and also the colour of my trousers, cause there are days that I like to coordinate everything (LOL)!

So far we've got fearless, be brave, now is time to play a little bit:

Adventurous. According to dictionary, a person who is willing to take risks, try out new experiences or ideas. For me is someone who says yes to new opportunities! Who is full of excitement and is looking forward to the surprises that life will reveal. It's hand embroidered in a fiery bold coral colour. 

The two following t-shirts are correlated, you will need the teachings of both to continue our journey:

Think happy. Life has its ups and downs and nobody is immune to that. So let’s face it: problems will happen. However it does not mean you need to give up, or stay in bed complaining about how difficult your life is, how unfortunate you are or even how the grass of your neighbors are shinier than yours. This won’t make you feel better and won’t stop problems coming back to you. So instead of complaining you can simply Think happy!

The idea is to look at a non-so good situation in a positive way and trust that the universe knows it better. You might need to learn something from that experience, recalculate your route or persist in what you believe. Your heart will know what kind of situation you are dealing with, or if not, think happy and trust that only good things are coming your way. Hand embroidered t-shirt in a turquoise blue to bring calm, wisdom and trust.

If you are in positive state of mind and even though you are feeling frustrated:

Keep moving. We live in a world where everything is instantaneous, which may cause anxiety and stress if things are not going as you expected. Today I would like to be your reminder: do not give up! Keep moving in the direction of your dreams. Stay focused and positive, everything will unfold in the right time.

This t-shirt is hand embroidered in green & pink, the colours of the heart chakra or the center of our true desires, love, compassion, joy and consequently inner peace ❤🌿 PS: this new stitch it is called whipping stitch. I think it is nice because we can use 2 colours instead of only 1!

Hold tight we are almost in the end of our journey. Now it's time to gather together:


Stronger together. That sentence says it all. Another one that I like is: cooperation over competition. This t-shirt is dedicated to my female sisters. When I was little I used to hear phrases like women can’t be friends, cause we need to compete to see who is more beautiful, who has the best sense in fashion, who would get the best guys and bla bla bla.

Luckily we’ve realized those are lies from the patriarchy system who doesn’t want to see us united, they know we are powerful, we are strong, we are brave and we won’t let them control our lives. So to all my female sisters out there, I say it out loud: we are stronger together! Black tee hand embroidered with a hot pink thread, so it won't go unnoticed.

At this point you've already overcome fear, you are feeling brave and even adventurous (after all having fun is part of life). You are thinking positive, you are focused on your goal, you are not alone (your fellow friends are by your side),  it's time to be present in the moment:


The future is now. This t-shirt was designed to remind ourselves to enjoy the present moment and let go of any worries and anxiety feelings. Life is happening right now, so let's concentrate on that we have now. Hand embroidered in celestial blue, a calming colour that ~ not by accident ~ is the colour of the sky and the sea. 

Once you've learned the importance of being present, you will know that the most precious thing is:

Love. A tricky theme to discuss, cause love is a feeling and to put that in words, I would have to write pages and pages. Thus whatever I say here may sound cliché, but if you think about it, love is everything, is in the air we breathe, is in the relationship with our parents, sons & daughters, friends, partners, love for ourselves, love for our work, food, home…For me love is to be felt and I hope you can feel all my love in this collection.

I wish you have a lovely day  ❤️ Hope that you like our new collection and can feel inspired by my journey on creating it.

Click here to see the full collection 🎉.

With love,

Nathalia ❤️

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